Circle Ned Trade Consult  bridge to opportunity  “bridge to knowledge” Marketing Strategic Consult Develop market strategy Market research Market surveys International Develop market knowledge o Industrial safety o Police o Firebrigade o Emergency services o Defense Product application knowledge Business Development Strategy Product Development strategy Market research Market penetration B to B markets Develop market/product  knowledge o Industrial safety applications o Police social unrest o Firebrigade ergonomics o Emergency services o Defense modernisation Sales & Service strategies International roll out strategies New product & market opportunities adivise   Company Strategic Consult Company expansion into the EU markets EU company expansion to new export markets o Asia &China o South America o Middle east o Africa. Due dilligance surveys o markets / technology o production locations Production technology & innovation Distribution setup Intermediary Negotiations. In our experience the small and midsize companies of this world have in most cases very specific knowledge, mostly in a technical field. Circle Ned Trade Consult offers these companies a field of expertise in order to make the translation from the technical side of the business into the marketing side of the business spectrum. We are specialised to speak the language of the technical entrepeneur and oversee and evaluate his needs into practical performance criteria with simple and effective goals. PPE