Circle Ned Trade Consult  bridge to opportunity  “bridge to awareness” How do deal with the macro economical aspects of your marketing ?  Does your product meet specific regulations, will there be changes and innovations on hand ? What abouit legislation, and specific standards or certification procedures which the EU requires?  This complcated playing field mostly operates out of the normal company focus and requires know how of the International governments and regulatory institutions.  That is where Circle Ned can map and operate as consultants and take care of these aspects so you can stay focussed on your customer.    Specific lobby activities Participate and help your company with standardisation issues EU or National Participate in Networking groups. Standards and certifcation research Research EU Innovation programs Train your management on how to deal with the EU. Create opportunities for innovation Improve you companies awareness and image and be part of the legislation processes. Invoke horizontal branche connections of your type of business. .